Chocolate Cherry Bacon Jam

We finally got caught up from the melee that was the Love Park Christmas Village, so now it is back to business. We promised our Kickstarter backers a series of featured flavors and now we are delivering on that promise, because we keep promises, because we are good people… most of us… some off us…. maybe one of us was good at one point.

The Bacon Jams Feature Flavor Chocolate Cherry Bacon Jam is a delectable treat. We started, as always, with the main ingredient, high quality bacon. After getting the bacon jam base to the right point, we started to play! Delicious fresh cherries went in next in order to infuse the entire batch with their unique flavor. Next we added premium dark chocolate, then we added some more, and then a little more. The batch became a molten cauldron of bubbling goodness. The test-tasters nodded and smiled. A sense of pride came over the crew, as we jammed it into the jars. It looks fantastic!

What was created is a perfect combination of salty bacon, semi sweet chocolate, and naturally delicious cherries.  

Recommendations for this feature flavor include breakfast spread for whole grain toast, a decadent thick brioche french toast finisher, dipping your favorite cookies in it for dessert, and making the best banana split ever. Enjoy!

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