Wholesale Bacon Jam for Chefs & Retailers

Are you a chef or retailer who runs their own business and wants to use or sell TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam in large amounts? Do you want to order wholesale bacon jam for your restaurant or bulk cases for your store?


Good news! We’ve teamed up with e-comm marketplace Faire to make ordering wholesale bacon jam fast, easy, and affordable for everyone. Chefs, retailers, and other business owners can now enjoy bulk orders of bacon jam in all of our varieties, including Original, Maple Syrup, Honey Habanero, and Sweet Chili.


In addition to wholesale bacon jam, you can also bulk order TBJ Gourmet rubs and seasonings, such as our Himalayan Ghost Salt and our Smoked Maple Bacon Sugar.


Order Wholesale Bacon Jam from TBJ Gourmet


There are 3 easy options for ordering wholesale bacon jam and other delicious TBJ Gourmet products. Simply go to our e-comm marketplace, Faire:

  • Get $100 free credit if it's your first time
  • Get free shipping for one year
  • Get 60 terms for qualified business

*Calculated shipping fees will be applied after the PO is generated

If you do not want to take 5 minutes to  sign up for Faire to get the free perks you can fill out the form below and we will reach out shortly for DIRECT ordering or information about our DISTRIBUTION partners.