Gadzooks! The Bacon Jams on the Preston & Steve Show

Gadzooks! We recently got an invite to go on the Preston & Steve Show on 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia to feed the gang and their guests some bacon jam infused delights. The morning started early at the Conshohocken Cafe with Clarissa "Girl Face" Gavin and I whipping up some treats. Eric loaded up the car and we took the back roads to the station.

We arrived at 1 Bala Plaza around 7:30 and set the spread out in the Green Room which was filled with show guests and some lovely interns. Soon after, we sat down in the studio and were greeted by the gang. I have to be honest, the guys seemed a little trepidatious with the thought of trying the bacon jam at the beginning of one commercial break. Casey Boy, being the brave soul that he is, went first, grabbing a grilled cheese with bacon jam. "You guys really have to try this!" Nick dove into the turkey avocado bacon jam sandwich. "Wow this is good."

During the next commercial break, the rest of gang, taking Casey's advice went in for the goods. "Wow, it's actually really good," Preston said off air to Steve. Soon, all the food was gobbled up and there were BIG smiles all around. It was cool that I was able to bring smiles to the faces of the folks that have brought a smile to my face oh so many times. The only thing that was confusing was just why Kathy couldn't stop thinking about clams!

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Upcycled Food Association

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