You Should Sell That on TV

The Bacon Jams will be sold on QVC for the first time this month! The deal they will be offering is fantastic! A three jar sampler pack with our full-color recipe guide shipped to your door for under $40. We want to let all of our friends, family, and valued customers know about this awesome deal. Please support us in this very large step for our very humble company.

Now that I got the bits and pieces out of the way, let's talk about how we got here.

Back in the early days of The Bacon Jam, when we were spreading bacon spread in Love Park Christmas Village while freezing our hams off, a lady tried the bacon jam and said, "You should sell this on TV!" A month or so later at the Oaks Motor Sport Show, a man tried the bacon jam and said, "you should sell this on TV." Welp, turns out the lady's husband works for QVC... Also, turns out the man was long time host Dan Hughes!

We got some emails from this retail juggernaut, but we knew we weren't ready, just yet. So, over the last year, we got our piggies in a row and reached back out to the largest on-air shopping network in the world!

The next thing you know, I'm in a room with 6 other guests training with QVC's pros. No, not like Pilates training, I was training to not be a creep on live TV. In walks Dan Hughes... He sees my name plate and does a double take. He walks over to shake my hand. "I've been waiting for you to show up in this class ever since the car show." At this point, I am a little embarrassed about being singled out. Dan then said something that made me feel proud. "America is going to love this product."

Please support us as we take our company to the national stage this October! 


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