The Bacon Jams on QVC… TODAY!

This is a seminal moment for our young company. If you love The Bacon Jams and want to see it everywhere, or if you just want to see Mike stirring massive cauldrons of boiling bacon for the rest of his life, ORDER from QVC today.

The deal is primo, and you will get a GREAT product! You can call in or order online when the show airs at 5:00 EST. The QVC order hotline is 888-345-5788 and The Bacon Jams is product M45388.

To the adventurous Kickstarter funders who stuck with us even through our early blunders, to our awesome friends that spread the spread and gave us places to rest our heads, to our brave investors who laid out some dough in order to get us to this point in the show, to our team of surly cooks and sales girls with good looks, and to our families and loved ones who supported us forever, we'd not have come this far without any of y'all in this here endeavor… Thank you!

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Countdown to QVC

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Hot Brown Sandwich

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