What is Bacon Jam?

Bacon (noun) 1. cured pork belly 2. the ultimate food

Jam (noun) food made from cooking sugar and other ingredients to a thick consistency

So, bacon jam? Yes!  Call it bacon marmalade, bacon jelly, bacon jam, or bacon preserve. It is the delectable treat that comes from reducing sugars and everyone’s favorite food... bacon. There are many recipes for this awesome spread with a wide variety of ingredients, but the idea is the same for each:  spreadable bacon.

We took this awesome idea that has been created and served everywhere from gourmet restaurants to food trucks to burger spots and perfected it. The Bacon Jams’ approach was to find the best bacon and let it shine in all of our offerings. So, while The Bacon Jams Roasted Garlic and Chili gives you some heat and the delicious taste of roasted garlic, bacon is the star.

Please do yourself the service of trying bacon jam wherever you can find it and when you're ready for the best, get The Bacon Jams Spreadable Bacon.


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