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Bacon Jam is quickly becoming one of America's favorite condiments. Chances are you have even seen bacon jam on a restaurant menu paired with burgers, cheese plates, as a dip for pretzels or many other apps! This week we sat down with Chef Andrew Guille from The Manoa Tavern located in Havertown, PA about how he uses our bacon jam in the kitchen!

1. How do you use our bacon jam in your kitchen?
We use the black peppercorn bacon jam on our House Burger and currently on our Grilled Flatbread Special.

2. What do you like about using our jam in the restaurant setting?
I love the accessibility and consistency best about it. Always saves us prep time. Bacon Jam is a time consuming labor.

3. Have you had any positive response from people about bacon jam on the menu?

We recently did a rosemary red bliss potato flatbread with the Bacon Jam and it blew people’s mind; the sweet and salty with the rosemary potatoes worked wonders. People always love a twist on classics.

4. What's your favorite food to pair with our bacon jam on your own time?

I love to push the envelope on what you can to with Bacon Jam. Usually Deviled Eggs and Grilled cheese are in order, but I literally keep finding new and innovative ways to use your product.

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Share The Love Of Bacon Jam!

Share The Love Of Bacon Jam!

Barbecued Chicken  with a  Bacon Jam Marinade

Barbecued Chicken with a Bacon Jam Marinade

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