About TBJ Gourmet

Bruce Kramer came up with a lovely idea for his Philadelphia Eagles tailgate menu: Bacon Jam and Goat Cheese-stuffed Jalapeno Poppers. His creation, particularly the bacon element went over so well that his friends said, “You should sell this Bacon Jam!” Bruce brought his Bacon Jam to Chef Michael Oraschewsky who fell in love with it. Oraschewsky created some new varieties and they started selling online. (August 2013)

After huge online success they started selling travelling around an selling Bacon Jam at festivals all over the East Coast. Soon stores started to pick up the product and Michael went on QVC to introduce spreadable bacon to all of America. (2013-2014)

TBJ Gourmet is now a maker of fine foods that are fun. Bacon Jam is still our core product line but we are always thinking, cooking and tasting in order to create quality foods you did not know you couldn’t live without.

Bruce Kramer is a Drexel Engineer who was an IT consultant before starting TBJ Gourmet. His love of food and home brewing made him the perfect partner for a company like ours. His favorite dish with Bacon Jam is his own creation, Bacon Jam swirl ice cream. Fun fact: Brice is a certified beer judge and award-winning brewer!

Micahel Oraschewsky is a chef and restauranteur who has helped develop multiple products and concepts. A graduate of Millersville University, he opened his first restaurant at 24. His favorite Bacon Jam dish is bacon glazed scallops. Fun fact: this Renaissance man is a fluent German speaker and white water kayaker who has travelled extensively in search of great food.