An Interview With Skinny Pig NYC

We have had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of really great people on Instagram who create very delicious looking (and tasting) meals, snacks and other treats. Dara (aka Skinny Pig NYC) is by far one of our favorite people to watch create dishes using our bacon jam. Here is a quick interview with Dara and some things she has done with our products! 


What is your favorite part about using The Bacon Jams?

I could literally eat it with a spoon and sometimes do.


First reaction to tasting The Bacon Jams?

Loved the packaging, loved the taste of the Red Chile & Garlic. That one is my favorite.


Thoughts on future use for The Bacon Jams?

I want to try and use it on pizza. It's a very strong flavor so I've been using it in small quantities but I want to try and make a bacon jam pesto of sorts for a pizza...


How do you like to use The Bacon Jams?

I use it on toast, on grilled cheese, on burgers, I even mix it in with sriracha/hummus to make a whole new bacon jam dip. It's perfect.



To check out more from Skinny Pig here is all of the social media she uses:





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