Trip to the Mall

What do you do when you cook the weeks worth of bacon to jam and need to upgrade your phone? Trip to the mall!

Mike M., my right hand in the kitchen, finally broke down and admitted to himself that it was time to get a smartphone, you know so he can download recipes and Instagram. We headed out in the Bacon Jams van and fought through the traffic in order to get the furthest parking spot from the entrance.

The mall was in full swing. There were lines of soon-to-be-diners outside of Uncle Julio’s, goth kids by the fountain, and a broken elevator that could have easily be converted into stairs were the management willing to remove the out of order blockade.

Despite the challenge of finding a way to the upper level, we made it to the T-Mobile store. The store was mobbed with people looking for the coolest new phones and accessories. Of course, that is not Mike M. He wanted a nice phone, but not too flashy as long as it can “download recipes.”

There were talks of data plans and rebates, but when Mike M. dropped the fact that we cook The Bacon Jams, the script flipped. Vanessa the sales rep helping us was all like, “Really! I just heard about The Bacon Jams on the radio today and I wanted to try it!” I whipped out a jar for her. Now don’t start mobbing us every time we are out in public, we rarely carry concealed bacon jam. Vanessa agreed that The Bacon Jams is the bomb and by this time the other customers were asking about it. Before we could answer the onslaught of inquiries from the other customers, one of the other sales people started describing The Bacon Jams. He engaged the curious customers so well that I thought about asking Eric to hire him for the sales team. Apparently he had heard about bacon jam from another T-Mobile customer who was at our booth in the Christmas Village!

Being assured that our level of fame was not high enough to warrant free iPhones, Mike M. got what he came for. He and I headed out of the store with one more phone and one less jar of jam than we entered with. We were quite giddy about having turned the buzz in the store from cellular coverage to spreadable bacon coverage. All that remained to make this trip a success was a quick sample of mall chicken.

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