Space Jams

We recently went to an event in what's billed as the most unique venue anywhere. The Fuge was previously used by the US Navy for extreme G-Force training and testing. It houses the world's first and largest centrifuge. Every American Astronaut that landed on the moon trained in this machine built into the bedrock of Warminster, PA.

Now The Fuge is an awesome venue for weddings, charity events, and even home shows, like the one we were at last weekend. Slinging The Bacon Jams underneath a modern marvel in a building steeped in the history of one of man’s greatest achievements was pretty cool. Getting to go for a “ride” in the centrifuge was even cooler. Coming to the realization that bacon jam should go into space was priceless.

Think about it. The Bacon Jam is shelf stable; it is loaded with the proper ratios of protein, carbs, and fat for sustaining life; and it delicious. So, if anyone knows some folks who are headed to Mars in the near future, see if they want to take The Bacon Jams!

Also, if you are looking to host an event in the area, check out The Fuge. The staff is super friendly, the facility is cooler than cool (in a nerdy way), and if you ask nicely you may get to take a spin!

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