Maple Habanero Limited Edition Bacon Jam

Maple season is upon us, or at least it will be as soon as the snow gets off of us. We are commemorating this magical time of year by launching our next feature flavor, Maple Habanero Bacon Jam, truly the best bacon gift. As always, we start with premium bacon in the kettle. Here’s the twist... we poured real maple syrup into the mix. This was faster said than done. While the syrup slowly dripped in, we started roasting some habaneros… by “some” I mean way more than we needed. We added the habaneros a little at a time, always tasting adding, adding tasting until we were full and the spice was right. The result is a mapley-sweet bacon flavor accented with warm habanero and black pepper notes. This goes great on pancakes, burgers, and, my favorite, roasted carrots.

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