Hoopty Jawn

Today I was in North Philly grabbing some ingredients for a jam session. I was riding along in the Jam Van with the window down enjoying the glorious sunny day when I heard the first honk. I check my mirrors, gathered that I was driving appropriately and carried on. Another honk. This time, I looked over my shoulder to make sure the tailgate was closed and that I wasn't spilling onions, brown sugar, and honey all over the streets of Philadelphia. (This happens to be a fear I have developed after years of overloading my car with food products in the service of my restaurant). Stopped at a light about to get on JFK Blvd... a guy pulled up next to me and honked. Ugh, had I ticked someone off 5 miles back and had he been chasing me all this time? I turned to look and saw the man was driving what would be called in the Philly vernacular, a Hoopty Jawn. “Sup?” I asked. “The Bacon Jams is the S@%T!” the dude exclaimed while pointing to The Bacon Jams door magnet on our own Hoopty of a utility vehicle. You see, ever since the company co-oped my car last year, every time it goes to an event we tag it with another The Bacon Jams logo sticker. You know like a fighter pilot puts on his jet when he shoots down a bogie, except that instead of a multimillion dollar weapons platform, we have a beat-up Toyota Matrix. Now, we have The Bacon Jams door magnets to lend a certain level of classiness that was previous lacking on our Hoopty.

Back to the North Philly dude following me around, honking just to tell me he loves The Bacon Jams. First, I was ecstatic! All chefs rave approval and getting it from people you don’t know who are under no obligation to give it to you is amazing. Next, I did one of the coolest, like Fonzie-cool, things I have done in a while. I nodded to my new friend while reaching for a jar of The Bacon Jams Red Chili and Garlic Spreadable Bacon. I tossed the jar to the dude as the light turned green and cruised down onto Route 1 without a word, thinking that I might have made that guys day, but not nearly as much as he made mine.


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