Bacon Jam-Off

I was coming off a long company road trip when I met up with some friends at a very cool brew pub in Mt. Joy, Pa called Zuckfoltzfus. Like a lot of the newer places in Lancaster county, they have an awesome mixture of quaint and hip in their vibe, but with a menu that blow your socks off. On that menu they have a burger with bacon jam. Now, mind you at this point, in terms of work I'm off the clock, AFK, out or pocket, etc... You know, just trying to relax with my friends, but I gotta try it. Knowing how hard bacon jam is to make, I offer to pay for a small sample.

The bartender seemed reluctant to accommodate my request due to the fact that everyone asks to try it… Then they run out... then they don't have it for their awesome burger. At this point I go out to the car and grab a jar of The Bacon Jams All Original. I come back, set it down on the bar and ask to trade one if my jars for some of theirs. The owner comes out shortly thereafter with a crock of their bacon jam and some tasty little homemade beer bread bites. I pop open my jar. It was a jam off!

My friends, thoroughly embarrassed about the fact that I don't shut up about bacon, and everyone at the small bar starts to dig in. Mmm's and ohh's replace the previous playful banter. Soon, wild proposals of marriage and murder were flying about. Was their savory concoction containing their own house brewed stout and local Lancaster bacon the best or was it my refined spreadable bacon goodness? I can't call it. Everyone there was a winner because they got to try two great bacon jams. There was agreement all around that bacon jam is an amazing invention and should be enjoyed by everyone. The only doubt in the minds of some was whether or not I went to Zuckfoltzfus looking for a jam fight.

P.S. The Beer Milkshake will rock your face almost as much as the maple glazed pork belly. Thank you for the recommendations, Sassy Pants.


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