The Bacon Jam Van

We talked a little bit about the Bacon Jam Van in a previous post, Hoopty Jawn, but I feel my old whip has been getting enough attention that we can talk about it some more. This reliable Toyota Matrix actually looks like a pig, with its rounded edges and plump back side. I remember my buddy commenting on how, looking at it head on, the model looked like a pig. I never would have imagined how prophetic that statement was 10 years ago.

As we know, the car is covered in The Bacon Jams stickers representing all the shows it's been to and some other key moments. A big pink logo magnet with James Bacon jamming on his guitar also sticks on the door.

Oh, I said the bacon jam can was getting attention right? Yeah. We are slingin’ bacon jam as usual at Flavor Fest on the beautiful Mt Hope Winery grounds in Manheim, PA when a group of four fine folks practically ran up to us. "Bacon bacon BACON!!!," the member who seemed to be the most proficient wine taster exclaimed. "We were wondering what The Bacon Jams was since Thursday night," he said."Oh, did you see us on the Flavor Fest site?" "No," he said while sampling the original. "Well, did you hear about us on the news or something?" "No," he said while licking his spoon. "So, why have you been wondering about us since Thursday?"
"We saw your sticker-covered car in front of the Selinsgrove Brew Pub Thursday night and were wondering what The Bacon Jams was all about since." Why I didn't ask them why they didn't google it or go to the website eludes me, but in any case I should clarify two things. First, Selinsgrove is almost 2 hours from the Winery and I was only there one night... What a coincidence. Second, the Selinsgrove brewery has a delectably delicious cream ale.

The moral of this story is that if parking the Bacon Jam Van in front of a brewery gets us at least one new customer, I think it is reasonable to do it every day!


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