Musikfest 2014

When you have a pig playing a guitar on the side of your car and pull up to the gates of Musikfest in Bethlehem, it's not surprising to be asked by security, "what stage are you playing on?" Security is, however, surprised when you respond, "the pink one," while handing them a jar of bacon spread.

That's how we started the 10 days of food, jams, and jamming at the Bethlehem Festplatz. Nonstop music and a steady stream of folks ready to rock flooded the Lehigh Valley. There was classic rock, country, folk, polka and more. Bacon Jam photographer and friend, Thelma Van, and I were front row for the gooooorgeous Sheryl Crow. Bruce and Shirley grooved to the sweet sounds of Steely Dan. Skittles got to see Weezer for the first time. Anna and Dan were hit with the "rokenrol" onslaught of one of my favorite bands The Red Elvises, whose song "Bacon" was certainly a crowd pleaser. Thanks for the shout out, Igor!!!

Oh, there was food, too! Most of it on sticks and/or fried. Meat on sticks, pickles on sticks, fried potatoes on sticks, deep fried cheese cake on sticks! Of course, we put bacon jam on all these items as people walk by!

All in all, the event was a blast. We got to see a lot of out friends from the area and beyond! Notably, original bacon jam kickstarter supporter, Mega Hurtz and some of the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls stopped by the booth. Also, Alex "Tron" Avelino, of Conshy Cafe fame, was drawn to the pink tent for a surprise jam session. Thanks to everyone who made it go down without a frown. See y'all for Ocktoberfest!


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