SkyMall... Spreadable Bacon... Sampler 3-pack Giveaway!

November 13, 2014

If you’ve been on a flight recently and flipped through the SkyMall catalog because it’s right there in the seat pocket -- don’t act like you don’t do this, everyone does -- then you’ve probably come across our beautiful ad and thought, HEY I KNOW THOSE GUYS! And if you didn’t know us before, you know us now. Nice to meet you.  While being in SkyMall is an important part of our growth as a company as we enter our second year, we want to take it a step further and involve you, our loyal customer, in an interactive social media campaign! Plus, everyone loves winning free stuff -- especially free bacon jam -- and here’s a chance for you to do just that.

From now on, don’t simply think, HEY I KNOW THOSE GUYS, and keep the excitement to yourself -- share that excitement! Take a picture of yourself and our page in SkyMall while sitting in your seat (bonus points for a window picture with the clouds outside or a bird’s eye view of the ground), with a flight attendant or pilot/copilot (probably a good idea to wait until the end of the flight), the beverage cart, snack or meal. Get creative, think of a cool picture to take that we haven’t suggested. Once you’ve taken the picture, those who buy WiFi on the plane can immediately tweet it to us or tag The Bacon Jams on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t worry, you can also wait until you’re on the ground. Let us know your destination city, #city, and be sure to also use the hashtags #baconjam and #SkyMall.

The best picture/most creative entries (as judged by The Boars themselves) and the one that gets the most shares will win free three-pack samplers with a jar of our All Original, Red Chile & Garlic and Black Pepper bacon jams. But -- and here’s the best part -- even if you don’t win, you win. Anyone who sends a submission will get at least 10% off their next purchase from

Happy flying!