The 4th of July: Bacon Jams Style

July 07, 2015

The 4th of July is definitely one of the greatest days of the year. A day off work, a time to get together with family and friends and a time to pay homage to our great country. We do this in old school American fashion, with outdoor lounging and most importantly, barbequing.  When I think of the 4th of July I immediately think about putting charcoal into the grill, marinating my various meats and entering my BBQ persona as the Grill Sergeant.  There is always something very rewarding about making your own meal and grilling is one the easiest and tastiest ways of going about achieving this pleasure.  But this year I knew the Independence Day experience would be even more satisfying as I would be introducing the most delicious ingredient to the grill, The Bacon Jams. I recently began working for The Bacon Jams and as a bacon fanatic I could not wait to try the product on everything I cooked especially my 4th of July BBQ. The idea of spreadable bacon is mind-blowing, but when I tried a jar of the All Original flavor I immediately knew I struck gold and my cooking would never be the same.  One of my favorite things about The Bacon Jams is that it is so versatile.  I like to use it in as many ways as possible when I am cooking.  First I take The Bacon Jams’ black pepper flavor and marinate it with my ground beef.  This gives it a strong and bold taste to the meat that goes great when paired with a pepper jack cheese melted on top.  The response from my friends when they tasted the burgers was everything I imagined, “how did you make these” and, “these are delicious, where do I get this?”  I owe it all to The Bacon Jams for making my burgers the talk of the weekend.  In addition to mixing the black pepper with my meats, I also applied the All Original Flavor on top of my hot dogs to give it a sweet tangy taste for an engaging substitute to ketchup and mustard.

The Bacon Jams can be used both as an ingredient and a condiment and when I have a chance to use two different flavors in such an awesome way, I can’t help myself!  Now all of my friends are asking where they can get their own jars of bacon happiness. It is always an exciting feeling when you are cooking your own food and you surprise yourself with what you have made. This surprise was made incredibly easy with a jar of The Bacon Jams. This goes without saying, but it was a 4th of July to remember and one my friends’ pallets won’t soon be forgetting.  The standard has been set this 4th of July of what is to be expected when grilling this summer and this standard is called The Bacon Jams.