Thanksgiving: A Foodies Paradise

November 24, 2015

It’s November and that means one thing… Thanksgiving is upon us! Being a food fanatic only makes this day more eventful as the chopping boards come out to see which family member can create this year’s standout dish. In my family we have 3 cooks who like to be in control of certain dishes. My father “owns” the kitchen when it comes to the stuffing and the all-important turkey. He uses a hockey style hip-check to keep me away from the bird because he knows I like to pick at the finished meat before anyone else. I hold the positions of mashed potatoes expert as well as the green bean casserole architect. My older brother, an Executive Boar for The Bacon Jams, makes sure every dish being served has been taste tested, multiple times, to insure quality is up to our family’s high standards. This year is going to be an exciting time for the family because our special ingredient is going to be The Bacon Jams! Our task is simple; use any of the different varieties of The Bacon Jams in each dish to create a beautifully bacon Thanksgiving! Mike, my older brother, has the upper hand because he works with The Bacon Jams everyday but my father and I are not phased. I already know that I will be putting the “Red Chile and Garlic” Bacon Jam in my mashed potatoes to add for an exciting flavor boost. I will also be using the “Black Pepper” Bacon Jam on my green bean casserole as a final touch! The Bacon Jams offer foodies the ultimate bacon product to use in any and every dish whether it is Thanksgiving dinner or a quick lunch that needs some transforming bacon spread added. It also makes for an intriguing present to bacon lovers who cannot get enough bacon in their lives (we all have that family member). This Thanksgiving is going to be filled with family fun and sweet spreadable bacon, what more can you ask for!