The Bacon Jams in Japan!

Recently we have discovered a Japanese advertisement talking about The Bacon Jams! Here is the original advertisement with the translation below!  




[ZA • BEIKON • JAMUZU SHA: The Bacon Jams™, LLC]

[Product image and description: All Original, Red Chile & Garlic and Black

Pepper Bacon Jams™, Three (3) Jars]



Outstanding Ingredient: Bacon Spread!

Over the past few years, riding on the wave of America’s insanely popular bacon boom is the rising tide of the popularity of boiled or preserved jams. An unfamiliar newcomer to the surge of bacon related food items in the market, Bacon Jams™ was viewed with initial skepticism but seems to now have taken hold of all things bacon.

As for this bacon jam, that is, a product that is reduced with sugar in the manner of a traditional fruit preserve or jam, it is perfected along with the addition of high-quality bacon blended with Bacon Jams’ own medley of spices. It’s on one hand a bacon tsukudani (a traditional vegetarian Japanese minced or paste like savory preserve made out of seaweeds, such as konbu or wakame, and at times with seafood or meat, reduced in soy sauce and mirin and eaten spread over plain boiled rice, usually for breakfast or lunch), and on the other a literal bacon spread in its own right.

The shelf life of The Bacon Jams’ offering is 30 days and while that is a great benefit, the undeniable proof is in the jam: this product is one of the most hassle-free condiments, with a rich and savory bacon flavor profile -- its versatility and ease-of-use makes this one jammin’ product to have in your kitchen. To illustrate its versatility, bacon, which is commonly topped onto hamburgers, is done in a snap without arduously having to fry each strip one-by-one. Direct from the jar, this wonderful jam can be spread over sandwiches, tossed into a salad with a dollop of mayo, on grilled fish, steak or pork chops, baked potatoes, and used as the “secret sauce” to dress up a humble stew or casserole, among the variety of uses proposed by the highly acclaimed Pennsylvania-based food shop.

Each jar contains 8 oz. (approx. 227 g) of Bacon Jams and is available for purchase in three flavors All Original, Red Chile & Garlic and Black Pepper and can also be used, as an added measure, to give hamburger patties more zing or as a cracker and bread schmear. This product is so amazingly versatile that it can be used to enhance virtually any style of cuisine with its umami savory richness and full-body flavor!


English translation provided by: Benjamin Kitabayashi, January 2, 2016

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