Deep South Tomato Jam

Move over strawberry jam, your Southern sister is in town! 

Strawberries are sweet, but tomatoes are sweet and savory! When tomatoes are made into a jam, it’s like a true taste of heaven - and the South!

Tomato Jam is classically southern! The charm of this jam has been enjoyed for many, many generations down south. 

What makes this jam unique is that it has a distinct savoriness. It’s really rich in flavor. It is both sweet and savory, while also being both smooth and chunky in texture. So, it really makes the perfect tangy topping, spread or dip.

Tomato jam is THE flavor of the season! Tomato jelly is exciting - it really is! It packs a punch that will bring your recipes to life, and the TBJ Gourmet Deep South Tomato Jam is incredible.

Uses For Tomato Jam

Are you tired of eating the same things? 

Are you looking for a way to shake things up a bit?

Then try a new twist on favorites, like a grilled cheese, a BLT, or an avocado toast with southern tomato preserves. By adding tomato jam, you’ll discover hidden flavors. It’s well worth the try. Tomato jam is a simple way to bring new life to these popular favorites.

There are many tomato jam recipes online, but TBJ simply masters tomato jam with this unique southern blend. Unlike a basic tomato paste or ketchup, their tomato jam is a sweet spread that enriches by adding depth, texture and complexity. 

The TBJ Deep South Tomato Jam is truly an old school jam. It harkens back to homemade sweet tomato jam recipe traditions. Their old fashioned tomato jam recipe is a perfect sweet and savory spread that is perfect when paired with cheeses and meats - or simply added to toast. 

Are you still wondering exactly what to do with tomato jam?

Some tomato jam uses:

  • Baked brie with tomatoe jam - yum!
  • Top off some lentil soup with a dollop of savory tomato jam
  • Create risotto with parmesan and sweet tomato jam
  • Spice up your roasted vegetables
  • Cook up a Southern tomato jam chicken 
  • Mix into sour cream for a nice dip with chips
  • Add to your favorite eggs - it's great in an omelet!
  • Give your burger a new twist instead of boring ketchup
  • Sweeten up a simple hot dog with some southern tomato jam

With deep south tomato jam, the uses for tomato jam, and the many ideas are endless. Liven up your favorite meats and cheeses in a fun and tasty way.

Holiday Fun Recipes With Deep South Tomato Jam

The holidays are coming soon, and it is the perfect time of year to try out new recipes and products. 

When your guests arrive this year, try shaking things up with some new bite sized appetizers with tomato jam.

Two simple tomato jam appetizers to WOW your holiday crowd:

  1. Mini Grilled Cheese bites with tomato jam: Go to your local bakery or wine shop, and get a fresh baguette. Cut the bread on a diagonal in small slices. Butter each side of the bread. Add your favorite cheese! (sharp cheddar works well, or try a nice swiss cheese). Add a delicious spoonful of the TBJ deep south tomato jam. Place on a baking sheet and grill until the mini sandwiches are golden brown.

  1. Christmas Crustinis with tomato jam: Get a freshly made sourdough baguette. Slice the sourdough into thin slices. Brush with olive oil. Place the slices onto a baking sheet and grill until golden brown. Once cool, evenly spread a thin layer of goat cheese on each slice. Top with a generous spoonful of TBJ deep south tomato jam.

Both of these recipes are super easy, and very satisfying. Be sure to purchase the freshest bread (or bake it yourself!), and give it a whirl.

Serve these apps with seasonal wines, and you’ll have an instant party! 

TBJ Gourmet Deep South Tomato Jam 

Give the deep south tomato jam a try! You wont run out of tomato preserve uses, that’s for sure. 

Certainly TBJ makes the best tomato jam. However, you can also feel good about your purchase from TBJ, too. TBJ donates 5% of sales of all of its tomato jams to Philabundance in order to upcycle surplus tomatoes into delicious tomato sauce for those in need.

Isn’t that amazing? 

Their jams also make fabulous gifts - stocking stuffers, anyone? 

TBJ Gourmet’s deep south tomato jam is the perfect gift or party pairing for the holiday season, or anytime! Their homemade sweet tomato jam recipe is sure to have you feeling nostalgic for a trip down south, too. 

Bon Apétit!

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