Food Service and Bacon Jam

It’s sweet. It’s tangy. It’s bacon jam!

Bacon jam is an absolute essential in your kitchen these days, and one of the hottest trends out there for 2022. Whether you are a chef at a four star restaurant or a home-town retailer, you’ll want to order this delicacy wholesale. 

Bacon jam is a magical spread that consists of a blend of chopped bacon that is cooked crispy and simmered with caramelized onions, sugar, maple syrup, garlic, vinegar, and more. It’s every bacon lover’s dream - and truly delicious as a spread or marinade, and a perfect fit for both savory and sweet dishes.

TBJ Gourmet is a leading seller of several different bacon jams, such as: classic bacon jam, sweet chili bacon jam, black pepper bacon jam, and honey habanero bacon jam. 

If you are a restaurant, chef, retailer, or food service management worker, and you're wondering where to buy bacon jam at wholesale prices for your full service restaurant or market, TBJ Gourmet is the place to go. 

Why Bacon Jam?

When searching for a unique upgrade to your recipes, bacon jam is a tasty solution for adding that extra something to make your recipe shine. And who doesn’t love bacon?!

If you are wondering what to do with bacon jam, simply spread on that bacon jam love, and enjoy: 

  • Bacon jam burgers
  • Breakfast sandwiches with a sweet twist
  • Grilled cheese with a kick
  • A PB&J that Elvis would have loved
  • An epic charcuterie board
  • Succulent steaks
  • and more. 

You can find more amazing, mouth watering top chef bacon jam recipes from experts at TBJ Gourmet to liven up your home or restaurant menu, on their website

Where Can I Buy Bacon Jam

Getting bacon jam is easy! TBJ Gourmet offers bulk sales of all of their popular varieties of their bacon jam products through their E-comm Marketplace Faire. 

It’s fast, easy, and affordable to secure TBJ Gourmet stock for chefs, retailers, business owners, and everyone. If you are a new customer, Faire is offering $200 off your first order, plus free shipping for an entire year. 

So, enjoy TBJ Gourmet’s products. It is a great company that you can feel proud supporting. They value their employees and their community, while being forward thinking - through sustainability programs, upcycling bacon products, and more.  

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Unleash the Flavorful World of TBJ Gourmet's Bacon Jam Varieties: 7 Delicious Ways to Savor Each Unique Flavor!

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