How Long Does Bacon Jam Last?

Bacon jam is the trending condiment right now. Its popularity is skyrocketing. It can be found in countless recipes and on menus everywhere from fast food burger joints to five-star gourmet restaurants. 

It’s not hard to understand why bacon jam is such a hit. This delectable spread combines smokey, savory, and sweet flavors with everyone’s perennial favorite - crispy, mouth-watering bacon.

If you haven’t tried bacon jam, you definitely should. A wide variety of bacon jam flavors is available for purchase, and it’s an amazingly versatile condiment. You can use it at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, for appetizers or snacks, and even in desserts.

When you do make the right choice and decide to try bacon jam for yourself, make sure you store it properly. As with any food product, improper storage can lead to serious health risks.


Why Bacon Jam Should Never Be Stored at Room Temperature

The last thing you want to do after you’ve opened a new jar of bacon jam to make a delicious recipe is to pop the top back on and leave it on the counter. Bacon jam should never be stored at room temperature.

When stored at room temperature, bacon jam, like many other foods, can become a breeding ground for Clostridium botulinum, a spore-forming bacteria and nerve toxin that can cause botulism in humans. Botulism attacks the nervous system and can cause paralysis, breathing problems, and even death.

To avoid this illness, never, under any circumstances, store your bacon jam at room temperature. Instead, you should refrigerate or freeze it.


How Long Can Bacon Jam Be Refrigerated?

Bacon jam can be safely refrigerated for two to four weeks. Any amount that you keep in the fridge will need to be used within that length of time.

You can store bacon jam in any refrigerator-safe container. Many bacon jam enthusiasts choose to use mason jars for aesthetic reasons. You can certainly go that route if you wish, but don’t feel locked into it. Even simple tupperware will suffice to keep your bacon jam safe in the refrigerator.

If you know you won’t use all of your bacon jam before the allotted two to four weeks have passed, your best bet is to freeze it instead.


How Long Can Bacon Jam Be Frozen?

Bacon jam freezes and thaws quite well, so if you know you aren’t going to use it in the next few weeks, try freezing it instead. Bacon jam can be safely kept in the freezer for up to six months. You can use any freezer-safe container to store your bacon jam. 

To thaw the bacon jam, place it in the fridge. It will need to thaw for around 24 hours, depending on the amount you are thawing. You cannot refreeze bacon jam once it has been thawed.

Here’s a helpful tip: when you freeze your bacon jam, separate it out into servings. Estimate the amount you will need at a time and only place that much in each container. That way, when you thaw it out, none of it will go to waste. 


Discover the Sweet & Savory Goodness of Bacon Jam

If you store your bacon jam correctly, it will last you for many, many meals, snacks, and appetizers. From breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert, there’s no dish that can’t be enhanced with TBJ Gourmet bacon jam. Try it for yourself today!

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