What To Pair With Maple Bacon Jam

If you haven’t tried TBJ Gourmet’s maple bacon jam yet, you’re in for a real treat. This tasty concoction hits just the right balance of savory and sweet, with a touch of heat and the perfect amount of crunch. Our maple bacon jam is easily spreadable and adds a mouth-watering blend of flavors to any dish.


What is maple bacon jam?

At TBJ Gourmet, we make all of our delicious, high-quality bacon jam varieties with crispy, smoky, savory bacon as the main ingredient. Blended with juicy onions and just enough peppers to add a subtle kick, real grade-A maple syrup rounds the flavor out with a sweetness that perfectly complements the other ingredients. 

TBJ Gourmet maple bacon jam pairs well with countless dishes because of its well-balanced blend of flavors and unique texture.



Upgrade your breakfast omelet by adding maple bacon jam. You can add bacon jam as an ingredient while making your omelet or spoon a dollop on top after the omelet is done. 

If you prefer scrambled eggs, stirring in a spoonful of maple bacon jam will add sweetness and crunch. You can also spoon a layer of bacon jam over the top of the eggs once they are plated.



You haven’t had a real breakfast treat until you’ve cut open a hot, flakey, buttery biscuit and spooned some maple bacon jam into it. Crispy bacon and sweet maple syrup mixed with a little melted butter make a delicious, fluffy biscuit irresistible.



Instead of pouring plain old syrup over your waffles, top them with a few spoonfuls of maple bacon jam. The mixture of savory and sweet will elevate your breakfast experience to new heights. Maple bacon jam goes perfectly with pancakes and french toast, as well.



Maple bacon jam isn’t just for breakfast. Pair it with a few crisp leaves of lettuce and a juicy, ripe red tomato for an unforgettable BLT sandwich. Make sure to toast your bread. For a Southern twist, replace the red tomatoes with fried green tomatoes - your taste buds will thank you.



What burger isn’t improved with bacon? Add maple bacon jam to your next cookout for an unexpected, delicious twist. Spread a spoonful of bacon jam on top of your burger patty, then add the fixings. Don’t forget the cheese - maple bacon jam is especially tantalizing when paired with cheddar.



Speaking of cheese, nothing will dress up your next dinner party like the addition of maple bacon jam to your cheeseboard. If you want to assemble an hors d'oeuvre platter to die for, include brie, creamy blue cheese, kalamata olives, candied walnuts, and pickled green beans, and, of course, a generous serving of maple bacon jam. Your guests will keep coming back for more.


Baconize All Your Favorite Foods with TBJ Gourmet

TBJ Gourmet’s luscious maple bacon jam is as versatile as it is delicious. Add it to your breakfast to start the day off right. Level up your lunch by adding a sweet crunch. Heat up your cookouts or sweeten up your appetizers. You’ll never run out of creative ways to use maple bacon jam.

Try it today and see for yourself!

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