How to Use Finishing Salt

It happens to every cook at some point. You picked out the perfect recipe. You loaded up a grocery cart with the best ingredients. You went to the kitchen and put together what should be a fantastic meal.

However, when you taste the final product, something is missing. What could it be? Chances are, what you need is a good finishing salt

At TBJ Gourmet, we provide the highest quality, tastiest bacon jam available, but that’s not all we have. We offer a wide selection of delicious condiments made from the highest-quality ingredients. We are guaranteed to maximize your efforts in the kitchen and please every taste bud around your dinner table.

Among the products we offer are several varieties of finishing salts. Once you’ve tried them, you won’t believe you ever cooked without them. To learn a little more about finishing salts and how to use them, read on.


What Are Finishing Salts?

We are all familiar with salt. It’s an essential food staple, an ingredient that practically every recipe calls for and every kitchen has on hand. However, finishing salts are different from the table salt most recipes call for. It’s more of a gourmet salt. 

As the name implies, finishing salts are meant to be used as the final touch on your dish. They add a last bit of flavor that takes your food from just fine to “everyone wants seconds.”

The suitable finishing salt can complement the flavors of your dish, bringing them out without overpowering them. It can add a little kick of heat or a wisp of smoke to that dish you planned so carefully and worked so hard to create.


What Kind of Finishing Salt Do You Need?

There is no one-size-fits-all type of finishing salt. It is crucial to choose the one that best fits the dish you are preparing, accentuating its flavors and adding a hint of just the right element to make it perfect.

For instance, a dash of our Smoked Bacon Salt is perfect for seasoning steaks, fish, or greens. It’s a pink Himalayan salt with a touch of pepper and a mouth-watering infusion of bacon.

Then there’s our Smoked Bacon Maple Sugar Rub for dishes that need a hint of sweetness to perfect them. This finishing salt features antioxidants and nutrients you won’t find in regular sugar, making it a healthy yet delicious rub for glazing meats and vegetables. It’s also made with real Canadian maple sugar! Try it on yams. You won’t be disappointed.

If your culinary creation needs a spicy kick to round it out, our Himalayan Ghost Salt will do the trick nicely. A dash of ghost pepper is just enough to add a little lift without going overboard, making it an excellent touch for roasted meats and grilled vegetables.


The Final Touches

Using finishing salts is easy, but you don’t want to go overboard. Use them sparingly. Sprinkle a little bit over the surface, and you’ll be surprised how perfect the effect will be on your taste buds.

The same idea applies to our bacon jam: sometimes, you just need that little something extra to give your food the taste it needs to be perfect. Let us know if we can help you at all in choosing the right kinds of bacon jam or other additives for your dishes!

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