Why Bacon Jam Is a Versatile Topping

Bacon jam is the trendiest condiment of the ‘20s. It’s showing up everywhere, from the dinner table to backyard barbecues, from burger chains to critically-lauded gourmet restaurants to popular brunch spots. Once you taste this delicious condiment, it’s easy to understand its rapid cultural ascent.

Bacon jam is crispy and savory, with a delightful jammy texture that makes it an excellent addition to just about any recipe. It comes in a variety of types, from Classic Uncured Bacon Jam to the sweet heat of Honey Habanero Bacon Jam and delightful tang of Sweet Chili Bacon Jam.

Part of the reason bacon jam is skyrocketing in popularity is because it is such a versatile condiment. There are practically no menus or dining spots that can’t be improved with the addition of bacon jam.

Below is a sampling of the many venues in which bacon jam has created a splash and delighted taste buds.



Bacon is a no-brainer for breakfast, and the crispy, smoky flavor of bacon jam makes this meal worth getting out of bed for. Bacon jam can show up at the breakfast table in countless ways: as a delicious strata, as an ingredient in omelets, even as a topping for French toast.



If you need a midday pick-me-up in the culinary department, bacon jam has got you covered. Liven up your lunch break by adding bacon jam to your daily sandwich, like this turkey and avocado delight. Bacon jam can even improve soups and stews, an excellent lunch choice on a cold day.



The possibilities for a bacon jam-inspired dinner menu are endless. You can use bacon jam to dress up an entree like baked salmon or Swedish meatballs. Or you can add it to a side dish like baked potatoes or pasta salad.



Start a meal off right by featuring an appetizer involving bacon jam. This bacon jam Caprese salad is sure to get your taste buds in gear. There’s also this tantalizing gorgonzola flatbread to whet your appetite, or you can give a bacon ranch cheese ball a try.


Party Snack

Every party needs good food in order to be a success. Wow your guests with jalapeno poppers topped with bacon jam. Pair them with these wings and potato skins to keep them coming back for more. It’s also hard to beat bacon jam sliders



Thanks to its jammy consistency, bacon jam is also an easy addition to chip dips that are sure to be a hit. Try this bacon jam crabby dip with toast points. Bacon jam is also an excellent ingredient to liven up traditional dips like queso or ranch dip; serve them with a mix of fresh veggies and chips.



Who doesn’t love a mixture of savory and sweet? These bacon jam S’mores will make you want to camp out every night. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with these apple bacon jam turnovers.


Try Our Bacon Jam Now

Think about it: just about everyone loves bacon. Add a smoky flavor and irresistible texture, and this condiment is bound to acquire an ever-growing fanbase.

TBJ Gourmet’s bacon jam adds some flavor and flair to just about any dish, making it one of the most versatile condiments available.

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