The Challenge Of Selling A Unique Product

When we unveiled the first draft of our Classic Bacon Jam at a Philadelphia Eagles tailgate 6 years ago, we had no idea the obstacles that we would face putting spreadable bacon into a jar and selling it to the public. 

Every year we learn more and more on the in's and out's of the food business including manufacturing and production of our products, how to distribute our jam to bacon lovers around the country and meeting USDA certifications for putting meat into a jar. 

One of our biggest challenges from inception to present day has been articulating what bacon jam is and how it should be used in the kitchen. We have a list of our favorite uses as well as an abundance of delicious recipes on our website but when you see our jam on the shelf at a grocery store we are not there to walk you through using our product. 

To combat this communication issue we now include a "necker" on each of our jars of Bacon Jam. These necker's include some of our go-to recipes as well as details on where to find more recipes and information on our jams! 

Attaching a necker to our jars allows us to communicate with the customer directly, and more importantly we are able to immediately show how to use this unique condiment on multiple meals. 

Through the years we have found that we are successful in selling our Bacon Jam when we eliminate confusion and provide clear messaging. Our products are unlike ketchup or mustard to the consumer, we have to first explain what Bacon Jam is because it is a relatively new product to the market. 

Using these necker's is one of the many ways we are trying to supply the answers to potential customer's questions. 

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Barbecued Chicken  with a  Bacon Jam Marinade

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Bacon Jam Is Everywhere!

Bacon Jam Is Everywhere!