Bacon Jam Is Everywhere!

From Major League Ballparks to overseas in Australia and London, bacon jam is being used on everything! Below are a couple of fun, unique and delicious ideas that we wanted to share with you from 2019! 


1. At The Atlanta Braves Ballpark they created the Dinger Dog. This hot dog is a foot long all beef dog, stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon jam wrapped in golden brown puff pastry! Nothing better than bacon jam hot dogs while watching the game. 

2. USA Today shared a recipe for Ultimate Burger Sliders with 'Fancy Sauce' and Bacon Jam! They noted that bacon jam has begun to become a well-known condiment along side ketchup!  

3. On Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Guy Fieri headed down to Dallas, where Delia Pizza created a Neapolitan pizza topped with bacon jam that's blowing everybody out of the water!

4. In Australia, Primo All-Day Breakfast in Bed Café puts bacon jam on maple waffles with fried chicken. The perfect combination of sweet and savory in the morning!


5. Marto Brewery in Iowa has a big pretzel as an appetizer, served with a Pilsner Cheese Sauce, a spicy IPA mustard and bacon jam as dipping sauces! We are seeing bacon jam being used a lot in gastropubs, breweries and pubs all around the country on their menu!


We love seeing what professional and home chefs create with bacon jam everyday. Over the past few years we have seen a rise in popularity for this condiment all over the world as people begin to understand what bacon jam is and how to use it in their everyday cooking! 

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