Uncured vs. Cured Bacon

TBJ Gourmet is transitioning its line of Bacon Jams to a line of Uncured Bacon Jams!

We once again find ourselves at the confluence of two trends, traditional flavors and natural organic. Uncured Bacon appeals to both the bacon purist and the health conscience lover. To the purist, Uncured Bacon represents the perfect form of bacon, smoked pork belly with no corners cut. To the health conscience bacon lover, Uncured Bacon offers a departure from the nitrates and nitrates that are injected into most bacon's today.

I’m not going to slam bacon injected with nitrate and nitrate cure and I am not going to stop eating them. They are delicious! What I will do is tell you why I think Uncured is awesome. Basically when making Uncured Bacon you need to brine and smoke the pork belly longer to turn it into bacon. This typically gives it a saltier and smokier taste than cured bacon.

How does this affect you, the bacon jam lover? It won’t change things a whole lot. You will notice a bit more smokiness and you will be able to find it in more stores, you know the ones that like the natural stuff. And do not worry this is not going to affect the price!

Grab a jar here and use code "baconfb"at checkout to save 20% on your order!


Mike Oraschewsky 

Executie Boar 

TBJ Gourmet

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