Where You Can Buy Bacon Jam

When it comes to trending condiments, there’s a new king in town. Forget avocado toast; bacon jam has become the hottest new thing in party food circles. 

Whether you’re making loaded bacon fries for a football watch party, jalapeno poppers for movie night, or brats in a blanket for family dinner, bacon jam adds just the right touch of savory deliciousness to practically any dish.

“Where can I buy bacon jam?” you may be asking. While this tasty treat is showing up all over the place, the best bang for your buck can be found right here at TBJ Gourmet.


What is Bacon Jam?

Bacon jam is a spread made from slow-cooked bacon, onions, vinegar, spices, and brown sugar. The result is a hearty, savory dish that pairs well with countless recipes. Some bacon jams incorporate spicy peppers for a kick of heat.


Where Can I Buy Bacon Jam?

TBJ Gourmet offers a selection of mouth-watering bacon jam flavors and products. Try them in one of our recommended recipes, or get creative in the kitchen and create one of your own. One way or another, dishes made with our tantalizing bacon jam are sure to be a hit at your next party.


TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam Flavors

TBJ Gourmet offers nine tasty varieties of bacon jam and three bacon jam rubs you can use to dress up any meal.


Classic Uncured Bacon Jam

The original recipe of the Classic Uncured Bacon Jam is both sweet and salty. This flavor works exceptionally well with burgers, breakfast foods, and cheese-and-cracker plates.


Sweet Chili Uncured Bacon Jam

Sweet Chili Uncured Bacon Jam combines sweet chili, bacon, and garlic for a delicious, barbecue-ready flavor. This flavor pairs fantastically with wings, scallops, or pork; you can also use it for a fresh twist on macaroni and cheese.


Maple Uncured Bacon Jam

Nothing says blissful breakfast like the mixture of sweet maple syrup and savory bacon. Maple Uncured Bacon Jam fuses these flavors in a delectable combination that is by no means limited to the breakfast table. Enjoy this jam any time of day.


Honey Habanero Uncured Bacon Jam

Where sweet meets heat: Honey Habanero Bacon Jam combines smooth honey with just the right amount of kick for a spicy, delicious treat. This jam pairs well with meat and cheese. Try it on a grilled cheese sandwich. You’ll be glad you did. 


TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam Rubs

In addition to bacon jam, TBJ Gourmet offers an excellent selection of rubs.


Smoked Bacon Maple Sugar Rub

The Smoked Bacon Maple Sugar Rub uses natural Canadian maple sugar to add the ultimate sweetness to your meats, vegetables, or desserts.


Smoked Bacon Salt

Pink Himalayan salt infused with real bacon and mixed with just a hint of pepper. Smoked Bacon Salt is perfect for seasoning steaks, fish, or greens. 


Himalayan Ghost Finishing Salt

Himalayan Ghost Salt is a ghost pepper-infused pink Himalayan salt that adds a perfect touch of spice to your roasted meats and grilled vegetables. 


New to Bacon Jam? Try It Today

Whether you’re an experienced chef or home cook, or someone completely new to bacon jam, there’s no better place to get your smoky, salty, savory, sweet, ‘n’ spicy fix than direct from TBJ Gourmet. Order some today and discover a whole new world of flavor!

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