The Best Way to Store Bacon Jam

Bacon jam is a trending condiment and with good reason. This delicious, savory concoction adds a perennial favorite — bacon — to countless recipes and snacks. Whether you’re making bacon burger sliders, bacon jalapeno poppers, or a tantalizing bacon party dip, bacon jam is a must-have for the ‘20s.

Bacon jam is hot right now, and not just when you use it to make spicy bacon wings. But once you’ve stocked up on this increasingly popular ingredient, how do you store it?

As with any meat product, it is vital to know how to store bacon jam properly to avoid food poisoning and other unpleasant — and sometimes life-threatening — ailments. No one knows bacon jam better than TJ Gourmet. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide for how to store bacon jam.

Trust us, you won’t want to let this one-of-a-kind condiment go to waste!


Do not store bacon jam at room temperature

One thing you definitely don’t want to do with bacon jam is to store it at room temperature. Bacon jam stored at room temperature can carry Clostridium botulinum, which causes botulism, a severe form of food poisoning that can result in hospitalization, nerve damage, and even death.

Don’t worry, though. There are several easy ways you can store and preserve bacon jam so you can have it handy for your next dinner party or barbecue.


Refrigerating bacon jam

One easy way to store bacon jam is to refrigerate it. Simply place the bacon jam in any appropriate container and pop it in the fridge. The refrigeration process will not affect the flavor or texture of the bacon jam, so whenever you want to use it, you can just grab it and add it to your next culinary masterpiece.


How long can you refrigerate bacon jam?

Bacon jam is safe to refrigerate for two to four weeks after it has been opened. The refrigeration process will keep those nasty bacteria at bay for this period. If you need to store your bacon jam for longer than four weeks, however, you may want to consider another storage option: freezing.


Freezing bacon jam with freezer jars

One excellent way to store bacon jam is in freezer jars. Make sure to use jars specifically designed to be used for freezer storage. Regular jars may break when the jam expands slightly during the freezing process. Spoon the bacon jam into the freezer jars, leaving a little room at the top for that expansion.

It’s a good idea to freeze small amounts of the bacon jam separately. Try to divide it up into serving sizes you are likely to use at one time. That way, you can thaw just enough for a single recipe without having to store any of the jam afterwards.

Just like with refrigeration, freezing bacon jam should have no effect on its flavor or texture.


Freezing bacon jam with freezer bags

Another option for storing bacon jam is to use freezer bags. Again, try to spoon the amount of bacon jam that you are likely to use at a time into each bag. Make sure to remove as much air from the bag as possible before you seal it and place it in the freezer.


How long can you freeze bacon jam?

Bacon jam can be frozen for up to six months.


Try TBJ Gourmet bacon jam today

Now that you know how to store bacon jam properly, you can start dressing up every gathering with this delicious condiment. So what are you waiting for? Order one of our many flavors today. Your taste buds don’t know what they’re missing!

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