Why WeFunder?

How a CPG company can harness the power of Wefunder 

to focus on sustainability and upcycling

By Jennifer K Murray

Balancing Results and Ethical Commerce

For a consumer packaging goods (CPG) brand, finding ways to be sustainable is a balancing act. While they may want to do their part to slow global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they also must find ways to balance financial results and ethical commerce.

Finding this balance is often tricky. Reducing energy and water use, reducing food waste, and shifting to renewable resources are just a few ways to be more sustainable. However, CPGs also need to be financially smart. 

The Investment Platform Wefunder

Wefunder was founded in 2012. This online investment platform serves the purpose of being one of the ways that a CPG can find the financial resources needed to make sustainability financially possible. 

They help give the green light to CPG sustainable projects by opening up the opportunity to thousands of investors, who can finance pieces of a startup or a CPG project with ease. 

It is predicated upon the idea that anyone, regardless of wealth, should be able to invest in a company,” says VENTURE BEAT, the leading source for transformative tech news

TBJ Gourmet Plans their Sustainability Project on Wefunder

Smart CPGs like TBJ Gourmet, known for their popular bacon jam spreads and other products, have plans to harness this power. TBJ Gourmet is proud to be a highly respected company that is building a sustainable facility in Central PA. Their Wefunder is part of bringing this plan to fruition. 

TBJ’s new project will be a zero waste facility. For example, they will convert excess bacon lard into new food products or biodiesel for our delivery trucks.

TBJ also intends to use the equipment in their new facility to upcycle bacon ends. These ends can then be used to dry spent grain from breweries and distilleries into millable flour. Another upcycling plan is extracting both collagen and calcium from egg shells.

The TBJ Gourmet Wefunder gives investors the opportunity to be a part of this plan. TBJ Gourmet is an award winning company of “best in class” products, including their much-loved bacon spread products. They are also a national distributor in food service, and a leader in the upcycling food revolution. 

Sustainability matters to TBJ Gourmet. Their margins are above industry standards, with $6M in total revenue, and they have been fortunate to be profitable since inception.

A Powerful Purpose

Wefunder gives CPGs the power to make impactful choices with how they do business. An investor can feel assured that their investment in a CPG, like the upcycling leader TBJ Gourmet, is going to a high growth company where gourmet taste is key. 

The benefits of waste reduction will leave a lasting impact on Central PA, with innovation that excites. Jobs will be created and the neighboring land will be respected.

TBJ Gourmet serves over 5,000 restaurants nationwide, with products on 7,500 grocery shelves. They are the leader in bacon jams. Wefunder investors will empower this forward-thinking company, and other CPGs like them, by giving them the financially wise opportunity to leave a footprint that respects our earth. 

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