Sandwiches that Pair Well with Bacon Jam

Bacon jam is taking the world by storm. This delicious, crispy, smoky, savory condiment has blasted into the public consciousness for all the right reasons. Burger chains advertise this topping on their menus. Gourmet chefs concoct elaborate dishes with bacon jam as the centerpiece. Popular brunch spots feature this ingredient in their omelets.

But bacon jam isn’t just for fancy dishes and breakfast. It’s a highly versatile condiment. One excellent way to employ this tasty topping is to liven up your boring lunch.

There are many sandwiches that will benefit from a dollop of bacon jam between bread slices. Whether you opt for the traditional flavor of Classic Uncured Bacon Jam, the sweet heat of Honey Habanero Bacon Jam, or the sophisticated kick of Sweet Chili Bacon Jam, your taste buds will thank you for adding this topping to your lunch sack.

Below are a few of the best sandwiches that pair well with bacon jam.



Perhaps the most obvious choice, burgers and bacon have been a failsafe combination for years. Add a little bacon jam to your beef to give it a new lease on life. It pairs exceptionally well with cheddar cheese on top.



Take a whole new approach to the bacon, lettuce, tomato combo. Spread some bacon jam on toasted wheat bread and then add fresh, crispy lettuce. You can give it a mouth-watering Southern twist by replacing ripe red tomato slices with fried green tomatoes.


Grilled Cheese

Once you try a grilled cheese with bacon jam, you’ll think the sandwich was invented as a vehicle for this spread. Try it on sourdough with a combination of cheeses - cheddar, gouda, and pepper jack make an excellent trio.



The snooziest of lunch meats can transform into something exciting with a bit of bacon jam spread on top. Add Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard, fresh lettuce, and a few avocado slices to really perk up your lunch break. It’s especially good on potato bread.



Double the pig, double the flavor. Add a spoonful of bacon jam to your ham sandwich, throw on some Havarti cheese and a few pickles. This one is especially delectable on toasted rye bread with a dash of honey mustard.



Just about any sub sandwich can benefit from a generous helping of bacon jam. You can add some fresh veggies - cucumbers work nicely with most sub meats. The crunch and smokiness of the bacon jam will transform this old staple into a new favorite.


Barbecue Pork

Barbecue sandwiches can achieve a whole new level of scrumptiousness with some bacon jam in the mix. The flavor of bacon jam mixes nicely with any smoky barbecue sauce, and it adds just the right amount of crispy crunch to the sandwich.


Peanut Butter

Forget the PB&J you loved as a kid. Ditch the grape jelly and use bacon jam for a grownup twist on this perennial childhood favorite. It pairs fantastically with smooth peanut butter. You can try it on plain white bread or a tasty artisan bun for a more sophisticated touch.


Try Our Bacon Jam Today

Try one of these bacon jam sandwiches, and make your lunch a little more exciting. With so many combinations to choose from, you’ll never look at a PB&J or grilled cheese the same way again.

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