Re-up Our Bacon Jam Supplies!

(Disclaimer: All quotes are from a recreation of an actual event in Mike’s imagination and not from the awesomely loyal customers. The ambiguous use of geographic locations is intended to make you think Manayunk is really far from Conshohocken. It’s not that far but its further than I have ridden a bike in 15 years.)

What was the best part about the Manayunk Street Food Festival? The awesome food truck treats like the delectable ceviche from Farm Truck Philly and the incredibly popular selections of decadent mac & cheeses from Mac Mart Food Truck? Sure they were all fantastic, but not my favorite part. Was it this new image of Manayunk being a very fun but family friendly destination as opposed to the old man you're drunk image? This was a pleasant revelation, but not my favorite part. Was it the various reactions to being recorded by our new our new GoPro Hero camera (people do funny things when they know they are being filmed?) That was cool, but not the best part... by far.

The best part of our day in Manayunk last weekend was when a couple showed up to re-up their bacon jam supplies. Manayunk is a well known destination for cyclists so when the 10th dude wearing spandex and a helmet walked up to buy some bacon jam I didn't bat an eyelash. When he and his wife said that they had ran out of their original order of bacon jam from our campaign and rode their bikes to Manyunk from Montgomery County just to buy some more, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. Sure it was a nice day for a ride and there was tons of fun stuff to do in Manayunk, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that their main goal was to re-up their supply.

Him - “Hey honey it says here that The Bacon Jams is going to be at a street fair in Philly.”
Her - “What are we waiting for mount up!”

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