Oh, you're the bacon jam guy? (Philly Farm & Food Fest)

April 23, 2014

I love industry food shows. They have been my favorite work-related diversion and over the past 10 years... I have been to many. The Philly Farm & Food Fest was the first one I attended as an exhibitor, but the experience was similar, save for its groovy go green twist. There were a bunch of people representing their locally focused brands and showing of their earth-conscious goods. The fun part was, as it always is, seeing new products and new uses for items that are already staples on my shopping list. The best part was obviously stuffing my face with delicious treats like Philly Bread’s Philadelphia Muffins, a giant Philly version of everyone’s favorite nook and cranny ridden toasted treat, and Obis One’s Organic Black Garlic, can you say feature flavor bacon jam, and OWowCow Creamery’s sensuous chocolate habanero organic ice cream.
Justine Bacon (no relation to James) from Philly Area Yoga getting excited about the jams

I loved walking up to other vendor’s booths to peek at their selections and having them get stoked about my badge. “Oh, you’re the bacon jam guy? I was told I have to try it!” Hearing that phrase repeat over and over makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside… unless there is somebody running around these events maliciously forcing people to try our bacon jam. In that case I would feel horrible.

Back at our booth local small business owner attendees were getting excited about being able to use The Bacon Jams in their food products in the very near future. Look for bacon jam ice cream, donuts, and grilled cheese in the area from some of our favorite vendors. Don’t worry we will let you know where you can find these things, as soon as they are available.

All in all, REI’s Philly Farm and Food was a blast. We made some great new friends, exposed them to our jams, and got to try some tasty treats… also Eric and I scored some greenery from Peace Tree Farms. Is that a fig tree?