An Interview with Beastchow

March 14, 2016

Beastchow is your online reporting source for everything and anything food related. From videos to articles, Beastchow has you covered. For the past year Beastchow has also had you covered… in The Bacon Jams! They have been grilling up a storm with all the different varieties of our bacon jams making foods including burgers, ribs, pizza and even desserts like a bacon jam brownie. We decided to catch up with one of our favorite TBJ addicts and see what they thought about the product.


THE BACON JAMS: Favorite part about using TBJ?


BEASTCHOW: Our favorite part about using The Bacon Jams is that it can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, Netflix & Chill nights (*wink*), even dessert!

TBJ: First reaction to tasting TBJ?


BC: Unbelievably TASTY & SWEET!

TBJ: Thoughts on future use for TBJ?


BC: We want to open a weekend food concept on the beach that uses BACON JAM on EVERYTHING!

TBJ: How do you like to use TBJ?


BC: We like to use it in pancake/waffle mix, as a glaze on BBQ ribs, in stuffed cheese biscuits, with mofongo and churrasco, in vanilla and chocolate milkshakes, on pumpkin and sweet potato pies, on turkey and ham sandwiches. Pretty much anything we eat, we like to use THE BACON JAMS!



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